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LOW TECH innovation-lab

Real laboratory for the transformation to climate- and resource-friendly energy regions with innovative LOW TECH solutions.

The exploratory study “LOW TECH innovation-lab” investigates different aspects and relevant questions towards an energy transition based on renewable energy as preparation for a real laboratory.

“LOW TECH” is considered in this project as an optimized approach with regard to “technology use” on the one hand and the greatest possible use of existing potentials of the environment, local resources as well as social innovations on the other hand. For this purpose, possibilities and potentials of a synergetic interaction of relevant factors as well as sufficiency potentials are explored in selected model regions.

LOW TECH innovation-lab GOALS: 

  • Investigate fundamental issues and aspects of low tech model solutions and prepare their successful implementation in a concrete pilot region
  • Development of an overall concept that presents the transformation to a region supplied with 100% renewable energy on the basis of integrated system solutions as well as the interaction of partial aspects of individual sectors
  • Demonstrate scalable and multipliable prototypical model solutions for 100% renewable energy (and more)
  • Broad involvement of different sectors (energy system, transport, industry and commerce, agriculture) as well as participatory involvement of citizens and consideration of regional drivers of innovation and value chains
  • Formation of system loops and the use of possible supply and disposal loops with buildings in the network or other sectors

The holistic approach of LOW TECH innovation lab includes the topics of material ecology, life cycle costs, utilization mix and sufficiency potentials as well as nature-based solutions and circular economy.

alchemia-nova is responsible for circular economy and renewable resources within the project. For this purpose, potentials of measures for circular construction and refurbishment, use of existing secondary raw materials, especially renewable raw materials as well as synergies with water and agriculture and greening are evaluated. Technological solutions are collected, selected based on local conditions and combined with other project contents as contribution to the 100% renewable energy goal.

Project status
Start 11/2021, End 07/2022
Call: City of the Future 8th Call for Proposals
Topic: On the way to climate-neutral cities
Type of action: Exploratory project
GA number: FO999889480
Total costs: € 263.452
FFG contribution: € 197.709
Funded by Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

Dr. Edeltraud Haselsteiner (URBANITY)

Österreichisches Institut für Baubiologie und -ökologie (IBO)
TU-Wien, Inst. f. Verkehrswissenschaften, Forschungsbereich f. Verkehrsplanung und Verkehrstechnik
EVN AG,  Energie Versorgung Niederösterreich