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plant-based public urinal

To coop with climate change cities invest in green infrastructure – horizontal and vertical green areas. Green areas need a lot of water for irrigation and nutrients for growth. alchemia-nova´s green walls run on wastewater, using contaminants as plant nutrients, thereby cleaning the water for re-use.

“LooPi – the plant-based public urinal for all genders” is the latest innovation in the series of functional green walls. LooPi is a combination of wastewater management & green infrastructure: wastewater is treated via the integrated green wall and re-used for flushing.

Advantages of LooPi:

  • storing nutrients from urine in plant biomass
  • working off-the-grid and being water & energy autonomous
  • being gender neutral
  • capturing CO2 from the atmosphere
  • cooling and humidifying surrounding air
  • reducing noise pollution
  • bringing biodiversity into the city

Technical data:

  • Size: 2m l x 2,5 m h x 2,3m w
  • Weight: 2 t
  • Active root volume: 800 L
  • Capacity: 30 L urine / 24 hr
  • Energy source: PV

LooPi is currently in status prototype testing.
LooPi is co-developed with our partners EOOS and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Project leader
alchemia-nova GmbH

Project partner
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna: Institute of Soil Research (IBF); Institute of Sanitary Engineering and Water Pollution Control (SIG)
Third party costs partner: EOOS Design GmbH

Project status
Duration: 10/2019 – 12/2021 (27 months)

Call: Förderprogramm Stadt der Zukunft, 6. Ausschreibung.
Sponsors: Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology with The Austria Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
Research category: experimental development
Rate: 60%

Total costs: € 468.649,00
Total funding: € 281.189,00
Funding recipient: alchemia-nova GmbH