Our offer

As an interdisciplinary team of experts we develop concepts for circular economy, focusing on nature-based solutions for households, communities and the national level.
alchemia-nova is frontrunner in the field of circular economy. We are Cradle to Cradle® satellite partners since 2006 (the cradle of modern circular economy). This pioneering role paid off with big international strategies and the upcoming requirement to fulfil the circular economy criteria set out by the EU, which need to be implemented by every European Member State.


alchemia-nova built up the strong focus to create, initiate, develop and coordinate cutting-edge research & innovation projects. Through this developed strength the team grew to already around 20 members while offering real solutions to existing problems. We supported conceptualisation and project development of many projects worth more than 50 Million Euros. These projects usually deal with anything around circular economy and/or nature-based solutions. From the last series of Horizon 2020 calls, all proposals initiated and to a big degree written by alchemia-nova passed the evaluation. HYDROUSA even scored best from all submitted projects in this area of circular economy.


alchemia-nova supports companies and communities in combining economic potential with sustainability. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations and the EU circular economy package form the framework. Our clients experience advantages through product innovations, market share increases, cost reduction, customer loyalty, improved marketing potential, increased quality of life, revaluation of the living / working space, and much more.


We develop prototypes and bring mature solutions to market. By creating new business models we contribute to sustainable and future oriented objectives such as the Sustainable Development Goals, Cradle-to-Cradle® standards and the European circular economy strategies.