Nature-based Technologies

Nature based solutions (NBS) – the utilisation of organisms and ecosystems to provide services – are gaining more and more interest and scientific importance as shown in the EU Research & Innovation policy agenda on Nature Based Solutions [1] and Green Infrastructures [2] among others.

Examples of nature-based technologies or also called phytotechnologies are water and air purification by plants and microorganisms, extraction of metals from soils or other substrates by metal-accumulating plants (phytomining and agromining) or using plants or local natural materials for bioengineering or biofiltration and nutrient metabolisation.

Other or additional functions are manyfold: reducing the urban heat island effect by greening rooftops and façades, providing shelter and food for other organisms including humans, increasing biodiversity, positive effects and influences on humans (calming, recreational activities), retention of runoff water and flood mitigation, capturing and storing CO2, making use of nutrients and enabling nutrient metabolisation and conservation, and providing energy. So, if we use our main functions of water treatment or metal recovery, we can get all the other benefits as well.

Biological processes, which have been optimised during millions of years of evolution, can be used for human purposes in these nature-based systems (bio-utilisation).

alchemia-nova offers the full analysis of possible applications for a certain site, the associated design and feasibility studies and the full management of the implementation.

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