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Plant laboratory

The project plant laboratory or “Pflanzenwerkstatt” in German aims to create a new approach of plant production and food production to students of different ages and backgrounds. With a focus on circular economy and urban farming we will demonstrate new concepts directly in classrooms. Hydroponic systems will be installed in different schools and students will have the responsibility to grow crops and take over control throughout the whole life cycle. In order to support this, cost-efficient as well as easy to handle and manipulative installations will be provided. The choice of seeds will be defined by the different countries of origin of the students in order to show biological and cultural diversity. The impact of an external environment on growth, uptake of nutrients and other specific parameters shall be tested in a playful way while simultaneously scientific documentation as well as testing of different measuring methods is supported. Simple forms of robotics as well as programming and handling of micro controllers will be taught. Every partner school will be equipped with a vertical farm to function as a “ecological-social learning facility” for students and teachers.

Project leader

Project partners
Boku Vienna – Landscape Construction
Practical Robotics Institute

Project status
Start: 06/2017, duration 27 months
FFG 6. Ausschreibung Talente regional
overall costs: 128.841 €

contact for cooperation grants
Ines Kantauer,
Theresa Heitzlhofer,