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This project is a “Building of Tomorrow Plus” key project.
The aim of this key project is a new dimension of sustainability: cradle to cradle for operation and buildings, which means zero emission, zero energy, zero waste. This will be shown by the lighthouse project Gugler GmbH, a modern sustainable media service operation (classic print and new media, which will be extended from the current level about 2100 square meters and about 90 employees to approximately 5,000 m²).

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The long term goal of the construction industry must be to classify the entire cycle from the production of building materials/ components and the provision of energy through their use to disposal/ reuse of the building into a global sustainable concept. Therefore only substances are fed in this cycle, which can be replaced in the course of their life cycle on earth and/ or biodegraded (RRM) or can be recycled completely (recycros). The renewability and eco-efficiency is also true for the energy use in the close loop.

With the lighthouse project Gugler we demonstrate impressively what already is possible today.

The following sub-projects will be developed :

  1. Lead project management
  2. Building with recycros: – Build with special consideration of recycled materials
  3. Recycleable constructing: – Development of components and construction methods
  4. Energy concept Gugler: – 100% plus renewable – process and operating energy synergistically
  5. Ecoeffective building: – life cycle assessment before, during and after
  6. Integration cradle to cradle production: Integration of the C2C production into the flagship project
  7. Integrated General Planning
  8. Monitoring/evaluation/optimization gugler

Project management
Arch DI Ursula Schneider
pos architekten ZT -KG

Project partners
Gugler GmbH – Cross-media communication house since 1989, Ernst Gugler, Investor
pos architekten ZT KG, Ursula Schneider , architecture and sustainable building design, project management research project
IBO – Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building, Hildegund Mötzl, head of the IBO Abt . for material ecology, eco-effectiveness; Thomas Zelger, dyn. Building simulation and building physics
Alchemia – nova – Institute for innovative phytochemistry & closed loop processes
New Energy Consulting – Engineering Office for New Energy and Building, Jürgen upper Mayr, HKLSE , monitoring

Project status
completed, further ongoing cooperations