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Austrian BioCycles

In the project “Austrian BioCycles” the topic of “secondary biomass and potential exploitation in Austria” was examined in a cooperation between alchemia-nova (ALCN), scenario editor (SCED), Austrian Society for Environment and Technology (ÖGUT) and the Institute for Production and Logistics of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU).

We assessed the streams of secondary biomass qualitatively and quantitatively and examined the theoretical substitution potential. We can base this study to a large extent on work that the consortium had already done within other studies. We evaluated processing methodologies against the various conversion technologies of specific conversion rates and drew a comparison between secondary biogenic raw materials generated in Austria and the EU. Following a survey of existing infrastructure for potential biorefineries, we developed a logistics concept for an integrated biorefinery network in Austria and present it as a digital map.

The biorefinery concepts envisage the production of bio-based products for a variety of uses, together with profitability assessments and economic and ecological impacts determined under varying framework conditions. We also compared conventional production methods of bio-based materials and integrated biorefinery cascades.


The project report is a publishable study defining the technological research needs, as identified in cooperation with experts from various disciplines. This is the short version of ABC and here is the visualisation of all resource conversion pathways to derive from side-streams to all platform chemicals.

Project leader
alchemia-nova GmbH

Project partner
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Institute of Production and Logistics
ÖGUT (Austrian Society for Environment and Technology)
scenario editor e.U.

Project status
Start: 2/2019, duration 12 months
FFG 28. Ausschreibung PdZ nationale Projekte 2018, F&E Dienstleistung
Overall costs: € 79.996,00

Veronika Reinberg: