Industry projects


Residential Wagon, an ideal second home mobile originated from natural materials and honest craftsmanship. To the idea of ​​going self-sufficiency the function was set ahead the design.

The company Wohnwagon GmbH has approached us for innovative opportunities – closing resources-, nutrient- and energy cycles. Depending on the task, appropriate technologies have been proposed in order to come closer to the lofty goal. Of interest were the different materials per se, but also the integration of possible energy self-sufficiency, as well as a water reuse by cleaning the waste water. This point of water concept, we have paid special attention.

The water will be collected together with the rain and is led by innovative technologies in the circuit. This means that all waste water also needs to be cleaned in the immediate vicinity again, before they are sent back into the main water tank. Therefore the energy should be reduced to a minimum as possible, to attend to the premise of energy self-sufficiency, in which the limiting factor is the storage of electricity and not so much the provision.

The heart of this concept is an integrated wetland into a living Wagon. The grey water (wastewater without faeces and urine, which should be available via a compost toilet without flushing directly as nutrients available again) is to be pumped through a heat exchanger and a lifting station in a given roof area that is to be planted with certain plants. From there the grey water is constantly flowing over a green wall in cascades by gravity down and thereby cleaned simultaneously. During heavy rainfall events, an overflow drains all collection directly and gives back the ground.

Project status: innovation concept and feasibilty study, general proof-of-concept established, preliminary development of water cycle, treating capabilities not approved