Industry projects

“Sustainable headlights” for ZKW

The ZKW Group, headquartered in Wieselburg (Lower Austria), develops and produces premium lighting systems and electronic modules for the automobile industry.

alchemia-nova advises ZKW on the identification of bio-based alternatives to fossil plastics. In the process, potential substitutes for selected components or plastics were identified that are already available on the market. These are to be used alongside recyclates in order to reduce the proportion of fossil material components.

We also provide support in planning for the implementation of “cradle-to-cradle” principles. In this context, the necessary steps towards recyclable headlamps were elaborated. In addition to alternative materials (bio-based and/or recyclate) and more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, special consideration is given here to the design in the direction of “reuse”, in order to keep headlights and/or their components in the usage cycle for longer through the additional possibility of replacement.