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Ecologically-sustainable agriculture in Yucatán / Mexico

In Mexico, the survival in rural areas is almost impossible. Destruction of large tracts of rainforest by slash and burn, absence of economic opportunities, lack of infrastructure, underpaid working conditions and the dependence on the United States characterize not only the lives of farmers, but also the lives of the rest of the rural population.
The focus of this project is the establishment of a permaculture based on the integration of highly efficient farming methods of the Mayan culture for creation of permanently functioning, sustainable and natural resource cycles focussing on more biodiversity and reforestation. The aim is to increase profits as well as to enhance product diversity via active relationship management to ensure more wealth on-site.
In this context, the task of alchemia-nova is the development of concepts (e.g. Bio-cascading) for the ecologically sustainable use of existing resources and to support the independence of the farmers and the country.

Project partners: Bernd Neugebauer, Vital Village e.G.

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Project status: completed