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In Austria there is no focal point where conscious consumers can buy products for all needs, allowing an eco-social lifestyle at high level. Hence, the idea to create a web-shop tool was born via which products are offered characterised by higher quality in terms of ecological compatibility, resource conservation, social value and sustainability. The website helps enable the customer to quickly and easily obtain comprehensive information about the quality of a product.

For this purpose, all products are provided with an “eco-social” rating. Therefore, assessment criteria like environmental implications, strategies for protection of resources, social impacts and benefits, as well as fairness are considered. In this context seals for approval and quality of products (such as organic labels, Fair Trade, footprint, sustainability reports, etc.) are integrated into the comprehensive assessment. Thus, a company that provides products in this portal can be described using standardized and comparable factors. In this way a lot of customer’s research work is reduced and in addition clues for a better understanding of the partially bewildering number of cachets, promises and contract notices are provided.

The central task of alchemia-nova is to create a pragmatic and transparent method to condensate the various quality seals and sustainability criteria into short and concise reviews.

Project partners: EcoEnergy

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What is “Fairnette”: using the available questionnaire.

Project status: finished