Industry projects

Apple biorefinery

Innovations for sustainable utilization and added value of residues and ingredients from fruit processing

VOG is a modern fruit processing company in South Tyrol and has commissioned plenum and alchemia-nova with the development of innovations for the holistic, economically profitable and ecologically sensible utilization of valuable and residual materials from apple processing. Integration of nature-based solutions (NBS) into production facilities (water reuse), increase of resource efficiency.

Consulting on:

  • Utilization pathways and possible new products
  • Drafting of utilization cascades
  • Definition of future perspectives and potential for 2030
  • Definition of research and piloting measures for apple processing at VOG Products

Optimized and circular utilization of resources in the production facility

Contribution to circular economy and nature-based solutions:
The utilization of former residuals, new products from renewable resources, circular processes, biorefinery principles, cascading utilization of biomass.

Private project funded by VOG products
Project coordinator: plenum