Nature based


nature-based solutions for a sustainable future

Phytotechnology describes the application of plant-related science and engineering to study problems and provide solutions for technical and socio-ecological challenges. As a subfield of ecotechnology it emphasizes the use of distinct plant-inherent processes within technical applications. These nature-based technologies have become alternatives to conventional technologies due to low capital costs, high success rates, low maintenance requirements, high intrinsic sustainability, end use value, and aesthetic nature.

Further products are being readied for the market. Various physiological plant properties are used to restore ecosystems by remediating contaminants in soil, sediments or water (e.g. rhizofiltration, pyhtoextraction, biosorption, phytosequestration, phytohydraulics, rhizodegradation, phytovolatisation and phytodegradation). Tapping these processes, alchemia-nova and blue carex phytotechnologies emphasize degradation properties of organic pollutants, accumulation of metals, as well as extraction of these metals (biomining or the subfield phytomining).


We use these different physiological properties of plants for new environmentally sustainable strategies to solve societal, ecological and technical challenges.