Nature based



The term Biomimicry refers to the words bios (life) and mimesis (imitate). The idea of this new science is to use processes, forms and strategies from nature as a model in order to find solutions to human challenges [1]. It is important to not only copy nature, but to understand the processes going on and then use this awareness accordingly. The question still remains, why contact nature? After 3.8 billion years of researching and developing and even failing at some points, nature had time to find solutions to problems, humans also are grippling with [1], and still be in accordance with its surroundings and the whole ecosystem. Biomimicry 3.8 already invented methods how Biomimicry can be applied in everydays’ life. “The Biomimicry framework is composed of three aspects:

  • (re-)connect
  • ethos
  • emulate

(re-)connect refers to spending time in nature, observing its patterns and processes and learning from this observation.
Ethos concerns the mandate of working toward systemic sustainability and adhering to 26 life principles, patterns found in nature.
Emulate involves the Biomimicry Thinking Design Process that evolves in four phases: scoping, discovering, creating, and evaluating.” [2]

A lot of information can be found at the biggest database and homepage

alchemia-nova together with many other actors has co-founded an association in June 2017, which focuses on the application and the stronger dissemination of biomimicry principles. The association “Bioversum – nature-inspired systems” will be communicated through the website

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