Galya Taneva

After years of working in the art and music industry in Germany, Austria and Brazil, Galya embarked on a new endeavor in the field of natural sciences. She moved to Vienna in 2006 where she completed her studies in landscape planning and landscape architecture at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences.
In her work as a landscape architect, she uses as guiding principles the sustainable use of natural resources and the preservation of biological diversity. She has since collected extensive practical experience in the consulting, planning, management and execution of garden design and vertical interior greening projects, and in the planting of roofs and fa├žades in Austria, Portugal and Italy. Her enthusiasm comes from her passion for plants, their diverse applications and multifunctional properties.
Her interest and commitment to promoting sustainable practices has brought her 2018 to alchemia-nova, where she continues her work on plants and greening management projects.

E-mail: taneva(at)