Johannes Kisser

Circular economy

Studied Chemical Engineering with specialization in food and plants, and metal accumulation in plants. He started with environmental analysis for the Austrian Environmental Protection Agency in 1998, working his way through waste management, with the focus shifting to circular economy solutions from 2006 onward. He has held lectureships on Sustainable Product Design, Supply Chain Management, CSR, and Circular Construction at three Austrian Universities, together with delivering countless speeches and talks at conferences on a variety of different topics. He has worked at alchemia-nova since 2002, becoming Chief Executive Officer in 2010 and then Technical Director in 2019 in order to place greater focus on innovations, knowledge sharing and consulting for ministries and companies. He is evaluator, developer and initiator of many national and international and transdisciplinary projects and initiatives – co-creating ideas and nurturing them to life. The strong systems-approach combines technology innovation with nature inspiration and drives social transformation.

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