Helen Dolinšek

Identifying oneself as part of nature supported by the fascination of the great potential of what human beings are capable of, led Helen to first study Cultural and Social Anthropology only to combine these interests with the need for nature within the human habitat. She contributed her studies in Landscape Design and Landscape Architecture to elaborate on the connection of social and natural sciences as a possibility to co-create a smarter, multifunctional, and nature-based environment in the urban and rural anthroposphere. Guided by the aim to create a framework where human actions become the solution and not the source of ecological problems, her passion focuses on the integration of edible landscape design and regenerative food systems within cities. Eventually all this led her to join alchemia-nova, where she is involved in project coordination, stakeholder involvement processes, and dissemination regarding circular food and resource systems

E-mail: helen.dolinsek(at)