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Toxics in – Toxics out

Finally the EFSA publishes studies of the dangers of neonicotenoids, a bee harming insecticide. This is one succesful step towards answering the serious threats bees face these days, as reported in October last year. Toxics generally also enter the human food chain and can even be found in breast milk. Endocrine disrupting chemicals are found in a vast variety of daily products. They have recently caught attention once more, as a UN report, the most comprehensive report so far associates these chemicals with all kinds of health problems like cancer and many more. The EU projects COPHES and DEMOCOPHES aimed to monitor environmental toxics in humans.

The Commission is holding a public consultation on unconventional fossil fuels, which can be answered until 20th of March.

The labeling of organic food is confusing as ever. The regulations from the European Union are lush and big brands need to have industrial scale output. There are recent debates going on, like from Bliss Permaculture or even the book “der grosse Bio Schm√§h“.

Some every day products contain a variety of toxics, as learned in the story of stuff, where eg. a concrete example is aluminium in deodorants. Alternatives exist and some are decribed in a Lebensart article.