Michael Naumann

Michael Naumann studies Technical Environmental Protection at the Weber Distance Learning Institute in Germany. His focus is on waste management and prevention. As a newcomer to alchemia-nova, and originally from a media background, he is now dedicated to project support, back-office administration and marketing.

E-mail: michael.naumann(at)


Geraldine Thomas

After completing her B.Sc. in environmental science at the University of Bielefeld and Istanbul Üniversitesi in 2016, Geraldine Thomas started a bicycling journey on which she came to know Vienna for the first time. A year later she moved to Austria and begun her masters in material and energetic exploitation of renewable raw materials at the University of Natural Resources and Life Science. Diving deeper into the fields of biorefinery, circular economy and nature-based solutions brought her to alchemia-nova. Growing up in Sweden and Germany, Geraldine is fluent in Swedish, German, and English.

E-mail: geraldine.thomas(at)


Tiziana Centofanti

Tiziana Centofanti is an Environmental Scientist and Project Manager at alchemia-nova. She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Agricultural Sciences (with distinction). She is an expert in metal hyperaccumulator plant research, with multiple scientific publications and documented skills in soil-plant-environmental research. Tiziana has developed, led, and managed multiple projects in the field of green-technologies and nature-based solutions for water and soil contamination.

E-mail: tiziana.centofanti(at)


Eriona Canga

Eriona Canga is an Environmental Scientist and Project Manager at alchemia-nova. She holds a Ph.D in Agroecology (Aarhus University, Denmark, 2014), bachelor’s and master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and Technologies (Padua University, Italy, 2010). The focus topics of her research since 2009 are “municipal wastewater treatment using Constructed Wetlands” (MSc thesis in BOKU), “agricultural drainage water treatment” (PhD), with several scientific publications, and lecturing at university. During her Ph.D. she studied hydrogeochemical properties of different filter materials that can retain phosphorus from agricultural drainage water using different NBS. She did 3-years of post-doc research (AU -Denmark, CNR-Italy) and has three years of working experience as a Lecturer at Polis University, Albania (2018-2021), where beside lecturing, she managed the process for the accreditation of Environmental Laboratory according ISO17025, organized workshops and open lectures with international guests, managed three projects, supervised Master students and toughed several environmental courses (Technologies for wastewater treatment, Geo-environment, Chemistry). She is especially interested in topics related to circular cities and nature-based solutions with a focus on water resource management.

E-mail: eriona.canga(at)


Paolo Menconi

Paolo holds a honour’s degree in Economics and Banking from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. He joins alchemia-nova with 16 year’s experience in London’s finance sector at back and middle office levels for a number of institutions including investment banks and pension funds. Apart from building and improving workflow efficiencies both internally and externally within his previous roles, he has also led and supported various project initiatives including new product and system implementations, custody and accounting migrations, as well as fund launches. Paolo will initially be involved in the development and management of the accounting and financial structure of the business as a whole, as well as contribute within the economic impact forecasting field at project level. Thereafter, he looks forward to further developing his project management knowledge and experience to the core subject matter fields as form part of alchemia-nova’s mission statement.



Helen Dolinšek

Identifying oneself as part of nature supported by the fascination of the great potential of what human beings are capable of, led Helen to first study Cultural and Social Anthropology only to combine these interests with the need for nature within the human habitat. She contributed her studies in Landscape Design and Landscape Architecture to elaborate on the connection of social and natural sciences as a possibility to co-create a smarter, multifunctional, and nature-based environment in the urban and rural anthroposphere. Guided by the aim to create a framework where human actions become the solution and not the source of ecological problems, her passion focuses on the integration of edible landscape design and regenerative food systems within cities. Eventually all this led her to join alchemia-nova, where she is involved in project coordination, stakeholder involvement processes, and dissemination regarding circular food and resource systems

E-mail: helen.dolinsek(at)


Iris Angeles De Cesare

Iris was born and raised in Argentina and decided to move and study in Italy in 2016.  In the last years she lived in different countries, and she learned about the cultural differences about every context, she is fluent in Spanish, Italian, English and French. She is successfully graduated in Internationals Relations and Political Sciences in Perugia (Italy) and due to her passion about local communities’ development and cooperation projects, she also started a Master in Local Development in Padua with a Master’s thesis on the transition to circular cities. Her interests in topics related to development cooperation, circular cities and nature-based solutions with a focus on water resource management brought her to alchemia-nova.

E-mail: iris.decesare(at)


Sarah Gilani

With over seven years of experience with impact-driven organizations in Austria and Pakistan, Sarah Gilani joins Alchemia-Nova as a Project Management and Communications Specialist. Deeply passionate about sustainable development, Sarah has a Masters degree in Socio-Ecological Economics & Policy and extensive work experience in community building, startup accelerator management, business development, streamlining operations, content and design strategizing, and developing training programs.

E-mail: sarah.gilani(at)


Armin Winter

Armin has always been fascinated by the stuff nature is made of. It is fascinating to observe from which raw materials she manages to produce the most wonderful creations. Whether it is constructing structures to let a gecko run along walls. Constructions to create the iridescent shell of an insect, or to make trees reach for the sky. These examples have one thing in common: they are structures that have grown on a nanoscale and that, through the hierarchical interaction of various components, produce an incredible variety of different physical properties. In order to take a closer look at such phenomena, he studied environmental and bioresource management at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences and specialized in the energy and material use of renewable raw materials in his subsequent studies. In his doctoral thesis, he developed sustainable material solutions based on the most important structural sugar provided by nature, namely cellulose. One thing is certain: the cycle-based bio-economy will be an important component of a sustainable society in the future. It is important for him to accompany this transformation process.

E-mail: armin.winter(at)


Robert Slade

Robert has a strong interest in natural sciences and nature-based solutions. This was originally sparked by his work in his family’s well drilling and geological exploration company in Canada and later reinforced during his studies in agricultural sciences at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna.
Robert is currently studying Product Marketing and Project Management at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt Campus Wieselburg with a focus on “Green Marketing”, “Biobased Economy” and “Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility”.
Previously, he worked in philanthropy, where he gained experience working with non-profit organizations on aid and regional development projects in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Robert is interested in promoting the concept of circular economy to contribute to a more sustainable existence on our planet.

E-mail: robert.slade(at)


(Maternity Leave) Tamara Vobruba

Tamara graduated with a masters degree in technical mathematics, specialized in applied mathematics, with distinction form the University of Technology, Vienna.
During her studies she was working at the Institute for Analysis and Scientific Computing in the study group modeling and simulation. Her master thesis was dealing with the modeling process, analysis and simulation of a spacial interaction model to explore migration movements. She is excited about problem solving processes and finding mathematical formulation for all kind of procedures. Furthermore she cofounded a contemporary circus collective, where she is engaged as an artist as well as in project management and event organization. Her motivation and interest in the Development of sustainable and efficient nature based technologies brought her to alchemia-nova.

E-mail: tamara.vobruba(at)