Stefan Watzke

Stefan started his vocational training in industrial engineering, specialised in informatics and mechanical engineering. He finished his studies on environmental and resource management at the university of natural resources and life sciences (BOKU) in Vienna in 2016, deepened in urban greening. Meanwhile he co-founded a community garden and a foodcoop. He used to work in agricultural consultancy, where he initially found his interest in vertical greening. Shortly after his studies he was involved in Open Source Ecology, building an off-grid house and getting in contact with aquaponics. Currently he is studying his masters degree in organic business & marketing, developing business-concepts for the upcoming circular economy according to sustainable development. Stefan supports alchemia-nova as a Product Development Technician, designing prototypes, minding scaleability and delivering our systems to our partners. Beside he is writing his Master thesis about transforming alchemia-nova’s prototypes to business cases.