Linus Lorenz

Linus holds a Dipl.-Ing. degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering from TUHH in Germany. He took part in building and operating water supply and wastewater management plants in eastern Africa and Germany. He was especially responsible for the hydraulics of the systems and also helped with the installation on site. He has further worked on “Terra Preta Sanitation” in the Applied Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory of the BITS Pilani in India. Here, both social and technological solutions were the focus of the projects in the context of the “Soil Protection and Rehabilitation for Food Security” Initiative of the “One World – No Hunger” campaign of the BMZ.

Being a philosopher at heart, engineering in combination with teaching is his chosen approach to improving society. He is especially interested in topics related to socio-economic development through technical and cultural evolution. Linus is passionate about finding creative, elegant and sustainable solutions across the disciplines. He enjoys working in the field and cooperating with the communities while mediating and learning between cultures and professions. In parallel, he has always been actively working in cultural youth exchange and has conducted numerous seminars and camps as he believes that travel beyond tourism is invaluable to broadening the mind. At alchemia-nova, he works on the Houseful and HYDROUSA projects, enjoying being able to learn from his versatile team.