Katja Lyons

Katja Alber holds one Master degree inĀ  Environmental Engineering from the University of Science & Technology Beijing, China as well as a Master degree in Sinology from the University of Vienna. With more than 9 years of international experience in the field of organic waste treatment and renewable energy production, Katja Alber has worked as technical project leader in biogas-oriented circular economy projects in China, West-Africa, Europe and Samoa.

In addition to her technical coordination in various projects, where she demonstrated solutions for rural sanitation practices including collection treatment, reuse and recycling of organic waste (wastewater, excreta, etc) via anaerobic fermentation, she was able to perform detailed engineering services for eco-sanitation and green energy development in peri-urban and decentralized areas.

She aims to support Alchemia-Nova with international Biogas technology-Transfer and wants to expand the idea of circular economy by advising and assessing the integrated value chains of organic mass flows and biogas potential. Additionally she works on Bio-based Industry projects.