Gianni Pezzotti Escobar

Gianni is engineer in instrumentation and automatic control with over 10 years of experience in the development of collaborative research projects involving industries, research institutes and universities. He got his PhD about sensors and learning systems from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Electronic Department funded by FIAT Research Centre. He is expert for sensors and biosensors with advanced knowledge in mechatronics for applications in mobile robotics, and basic knowledge of biology and biochemistry. Main results achieved during the career: space prototypes PM, QM, FM (7), R&D of different industrial prototypes (28), publications in journals (31), patents (10), industrial research projects (22) and design of instruments intended for different application fields: optics, biosensing, biomedical, environmental, industrial (algal bioreactors, ethanol, milk). He was co-developer for the last space mission STS -134 Shuttle Endeavour, on May 16th 2011, at NASA Kennedy Space Centre.

Gianni was the responsible post-doc researcher for the project Automate vertECO.