Gaetano Bertino

Gaetano Bertino obtained a Master’s Degree in Construction Engineering-Architecture at the University of Naples Federico II in 2015, with a final thesis on conservative restoration and sustainable redevelopment in the urban complex, then both the professional qualifications of Engineer and Architect to practice throughout the European Union.
He is member in good standing of the Professional Order of Engineers of the Province of Naples (n. 21151) and he is qualified as Safety Coordinator on construction site.
He has had working experiences, especially in Italy and Portugal, as freelancer and as employed for municipal offices, architecture studios, construction and consultancy companies and national Civil Defence for the post-earthquake reconstruction activity.
He is fluent in English and Portuguese and in 2018 he specialized in Forensic Engineering, for the apply of scientific principles and methods of Engineering in solving legal technical problems on behalf of Judicial Authority or parties in a judicial process, with a final thesis on the evaluation of noise pollution in areas of landscape interest.