Evgenia Tsianou

Evgenia holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from DUTH in Greece and a master’s degree in Atmospheric and Climate Science from ETH Zürich. The focus topics of her master thesis were “indoor air-pollution” and “natural disasters related to climate change”. She has pursued internships and worked in Tunisia and Greece on environmental impact assessments, in Germany on process engineering and in the energy sector in Switzerland. She worked for The Mountain Research Initiative, a European network to facilitate mountain research cooperation between countries and regions, with the long-term goal of increasing awareness among decision makers of the importance of mountainous regions to all of Europe. She has worked on a social ecology project to develop and support the regional communication strategy and coordinate an organic waste separation project, and numerous other sustainable development projects.
She is especially interested in topics related to community supported agriculture, society’s vulnerability to climate change, natural disasters and the manner in which society can confront or adapt to these occurrences. She enjoys coordinating projects, facilitating research and closing the communication gap between researchers and the community. At alchemia-nova, she works on the AGROMINE and HYDROUSA projects.

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