Armin Winter

Armin has always been fascinated by the stuff nature is made of. It is fascinating to observe from which raw materials she manages to produce the most wonderful creations. Whether it is constructing structures to let a gecko run along walls. Constructions to create the iridescent shell of an insect, or to make trees reach for the sky. These examples have one thing in common: they are structures that have grown on a nanoscale and that, through the hierarchical interaction of various components, produce an incredible variety of different physical properties. In order to take a closer look at such phenomena, he studied environmental and bioresource management at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences and specialized in the energy and material use of renewable raw materials in his subsequent studies. In his doctoral thesis, he developed sustainable material solutions based on the most important structural sugar provided by nature, namely cellulose. One thing is certain: the cycle-based bio-economy will be an important component of a sustainable society in the future. It is important for him to accompany this transformation process.

E-mail: armin.winter(at)