Past Events

stand-up innovation #tomorrowliving

How will we live tomorrow? This is the topic of the interim presentation of the International Building Exhibition Vienna 2022. With experts from Viennese spatial planning, green facades planning and circular economy, we will discuss how the future of houses, living and cities can and shall look like.

The record of the event can be watched on youtube: stand-up innovation #5 Tomorrow Living

Join us for an interesting evening and be sure the covid measures will be implemented for a safe evening.

Date: 16.09.2020 17:30-20:30

Location: WEST, former Sophienspital, Stollgasse 17, 1070 Wien

Due to covid19 we want to make you aware that the registration is obligatory and that on the tour please follow these points:

  • Cover your mouth and nose (we provide you with masks)
  • Keep distance to other people
  • Wash/Desinfect your hands
  • don’t attend if you are feeling unwell



+ 16:30-17:30: Free Guided Tour through the IBA Exhibition

+ 17:30-18:00: Green Welcome Cocktail with Wiener Dirndl

+ stand up and speak! 2 minute impulse talk from audience on the topic #tomorrowliving

+ Food trucks in the outdoor area of the Sophienspital