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stand-up innovation #circulartourism

This first stand-up innovation of 2020 focusses on #circulartourism. Now in winter is the crucial time where many of us decide on which type of vacation we will go and tourist providers are heavily investing in forming the right message to convince their choice is the best.

But how do we decide? Do nature and sustainability play a role in our decision as a tourist? Or is a vacation the time of the year, where you only want to think of yourself? Is it possible to create harmony between a joyful vacation and nature?

Join us for this inspiring event to shine the light on circular tourism from the angle of research, guests, and hoteliers.

Date: 18.02.2020 18-21:00

Location: Impact Hub Vienna, Lindengasse 56/18-19, 1070 Wien


+++ Francesco Menconi: Managing Director alchemia-nova GmbH:

+++ Johannes Kisser: Managing Director alchemia-nova research non-profit GmbH

+++ Lorraine Wenzel: CCO, Zero Waste Austria: Zero Waste Hotels


stand up innovation #circular tourism