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stand-up innovation #3: Circular Cities


28/10/2019 17:30-20:20

This third event of the stand-up innovation event series focussed on cities as incubators for circular solutions and was part of the global “Circular Cities Week” happening worldwide from October 28th till November 3rd, 2019. 3 innovative speakers highlighted different aspects of circular cities.


Cities have always been breeding grounds for new forms of societal and lifestyle concepts, and offer ever-increasing room for innovation. With the accelerated migratory trends into the cities and the increasing emergence of mega-cities, it has become more important than ever to plan sensibly for healthy and sustainable cities. As hubs of human and economic capacity, cities must be more than centers of consumption and waste, but active cogs in a greater circular economy.

Find the slides of the presentations here:

Maria Wirth: alchemia-nova GmbH: project development, environmental technology, climate change adaptation, water-energy-food-nexus, presented the vision and theory for circular cities.


Anna-Vera Deinhammer: City of Vienna, responsible person for Circular City, Architecht, presented the agenda, challenges and next steps that the City of Vienna towards becoming a circular cities.


G√ľnter Langergraber: Chair of the COST Action CA17133 “Implementing nature based solutions for creating a resourceful circular city”: BOKU-University Head of the department H81000¬†Department of Water, Atmosphere and Environment (WAU) and deputy of Institute of Sanitary Engineering and Water Pollution Control (SIG), presented the COST Action and best practices from all around Europe for installations for circular cities.

20191028 COST Action Circular City @ innovation hub

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