Hadrian Aqueduct – Heat Mitigation Guidelines

Client: Adrienne Arsht Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center at the Atlantic Council Duration: 07.03.2022 – 31.12.2022 Budget: €53,150 Tackling the climate and biodiversity loss crisis as well as mitigating the effects of heatwaves in cities is a major concern of our societies. It requires a fundamental change in urban planning and construction design from working against nature... Read more

“Sustainable headlights” for ZKW

Identification of bio-based alternatives and development of a roadmap for recyclable headlights.... Read more

Apple biorefinery
Apple biorefinery

Development of innovations for sustainable utilization and added value of residues and ingredients from fruit processing... Read more

Farmbot 2.0

Re-Design of the robot “Farmbot“ Garden robots are automated units to be used in gardening and agriculture with the aim to automatize and optimize crop cultivation. Garden robots can be controlled via electronic devices like computers, tablets and smartphones. Together with alchemia-nova 2expn+1 plans to develop a modular modell in three sizes, which can also be used for plant cultivation... Read more


Application of DRAINGARDEN® next to highways Feasibility study of functional greening areas on high volume motorway sites Precipitation runoffs of streets flow off fast and to a great extend complete. Accumulated substances on road surfaces are taken up by precipitation runoffs and evacuated. Runoffs constitute a load for hydrologic balance and can lead in a danger for under- and aboveground... Read more


Residential Wagon, an ideal second home mobile originated from natural materials and honest craftsmanship. To the idea of ​​going self-sufficiency the function was set ahead the design. The company Wohnwagon GmbH has approached us for innovative opportunities - closing resources-, nutrient- and energy cycles. Depending on the task, appropriate technologies have been proposed in order to come... Read more


In Austria there is no focal point where conscious consumers can buy products for all needs, allowing an eco-social lifestyle at high level. Hence, the idea to create a web-shop tool was born via which products are offered characterised by higher quality in terms of ecological compatibility, resource conservation, social value and sustainability. The website helps enable the customer to quickly... Read more


Ecologically-sustainable agriculture in Yucatán / Mexico In Mexico, the survival in rural areas is almost impossible. Destruction of large tracts of rainforest by slash and burn, absence of economic opportunities, lack of infrastructure, underpaid working conditions and the dependence on the United States characterize not only the lives of farmers, but also the lives of the rest of the rural... Read more

Loop Linz

Model project with bioplastics As part of the pilot project loop linz, supermarkets in Upper Austria sold different products in plastic packaging made ​​from vegetable starch in the spring of 2005. The new packaging reduces CO2 emissions by up to 50 percent. After use they belong to organic compost. The pilot project aimed to promote and demonstrate how well this innovation works in... Read more