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BECBA (Boosting Employability through Circularity of Bio-waste in Rural areas) aims to empower and engage young people in agro-entrepreneurship actions that involve transforming bio-waste into valuable bio-products through innovative circular business models. The project addresses the challenges of unemployment of young people and mismanagement of segregated and mixed bio-waste in rural areas. To achieve its objectives, the project focuses on developing the capacities of youth workers to recover valuable nutrients from bio-waste and adapting them for reuse in agriculture. This approach is an integral part of the New Circular Economy Action Plan and will help shift agriculture away from its current linear model.

The project has three main goals:

  • Empowering youth workers to become circular economy coaches and support rural youth in adopting circular conversion techniques and methods towards bio-waste streams generated from agriculture in rural areas.
  • Engaging rural youths to develop knowledge, skills and competencies in CE and green entrepreneurship to start pilot actions in converting growing agricultural bio-waste and by-products into eco-efficient bio-based products viable for setting up green businesses.
  • Designing a Virtual Incubator for rural youth start-up development, integrating the training path of the pilot actions with didactic resources for viral training based on new circular business models and marketing concepts for the cross-sectorial valorization of agricultural by-products.

The project Partner Consortium will collaborate intensively, with appropriately distributed responsibilities and tasks based on each member’s expertise and experience. The project implementation will include meetings, raising awareness, training courses for youth, events, a training format, a Manual, a Virtual Incubator, and an E-learning course.
The project’s activities will be carried out in four countries, namely Kosovo, Albania, Austria, and Greece. The project aims to spread its impact across the region by promoting its initiatives and outcomes. By doing so, the project hopes to create awareness and encourage the adoption of circular economy practices not only in the four countries but also in the wider region.

The role of alchemia-nova
alchemia-nova offers cutting-edge research on agricultural waste management systems and disposal in rural areas, including the most recent information on the industry and its practices, pertinent data, and techniques/methodologies for data collecting. Also, the design of the training program is based on current best practices as well as knowledge, skills, and competencies related to circular waste management techniques used to treat agricultural bio-waste streams. alchemia-nova will also host training to educate youth workers on how to handle and treat agricultural biowaste using circular approaches.

Project coordinator
Youth Ecological and Security Zone – EcoZ

Partnership Consortium:
alchemia-nova research & innovation gemeinnützige GmbH – ANR
Academy of Entrepreneurship – AKEP
Let’s Do It Peja – LDIP
Environmental and Territorial Management Institute – ETMI

Start 01/2023, Dauer: 24 months
Project website: –
Call: Capacity Building in the field of Youth (ERASMUS-YOUTH-2022-CB)
Programme: ERASMUS2027
GA based on the: Erasmus Lump Sum MGA — Multi & Mono – 1.null
Gesamtprojektkosten: €133,457.00
EU Beteiligung: €133,457.00