open innovation

Open Innovation is a hot topic these days, OE1 has a focus in its programm, nuvolab runs an open innovation challenge for large appliances. Even Unilever posts its challenges and wants. When you read the report of the last European Forum on Eco-Innovation, you will find a couple of interesting recommendations regarding open innovation within Horizon 2020. The World Business Council of Sustainable Development shares a platform for Eco-Patent Commons, which is attractive for a patent to enter the open domain.

The Demokratische Bank, DEMBA is currently in its final stage before foundation. The actual newsletter can be subscribed here.

Heini Staudinger, talking about him in earlier posts, wants to rewrite the law about higher liberality and non-monopoly of loans.

Besides the 22 things happy people do differently, March 20th was the UN international day of Happiness for the first time, where many blogs wrote about this topic. One of them is Inspire 925, that brings happiness in correlation with business. The new movie What Happiness Is shown in these Austrian cinemas  shows Bhutan wiht its aim to manifest “gross national happiness” instead of pure economic indices, that would not reflect the well-being of a country.