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alchemia-nova GmbH
Baumgartenstrasse 93
A-1140 Vienna, Austria
Tel: +43 1 810 1000
Fax: +43 1 810 1000 – 10

alchemia-nova GmbH holds 24% shares of the spin-off company blue carex phytotechnologies GmbH, 100% of the non-profit organisation alchemia-nova research & innovation gemeinnützige GmbH and 88% of the registered company alchemia-nova Greece IKE.

alchemia-nova GmbH
Majority shareholder Johannes Kisser to 100%
Managing director Francesco Menconi
Registration no. 422246 a Commercial Court of Vienna (Handelsgericht Wien)
VAT Nr: ATU 69017306
Bank account alchemia-nova GmbH at Raiffeisenbank Gunskirchen
IBAN: AT46 3412 9000 0021 2001

alchemia-nova research & innovation gemeinnützige GmbH
Sole managing director Johannes Kisser
Registration no. 505163 m Commercial Court of Vienna (Handelsgericht Wien)
Bank account alchemia-nova research & innovation gemeinnützige GmbH at Raiffeisenbank Gunskirchen
IBAN: AT14 3412 9000 0021 1995

alchemia-nova Greece IKE
Sole managing director Polymnia Dagtzidou-Kisser
Registration no.148773301000 General Commercial Registry Athens
VAT Nr: 801087322
Bank account alchemia-nova Greece IKE at Pireus Bank
IBAN: GR50 0172 0490 0050 4909 4666 756


alchemia-nova GmbH is a research and development company organised in the form of a limited liability company under Austrian law with seat in Vienna.

The objects of the company are:

  • Circular economy
  • Contract research and development
  • Basic research
  • Doctrine
  • Management consultancy
  • Small-scale production of natural products and ex-laboratory sales
  • Sustainable product design



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alchemia-nova aims to promote a positive and inclusive work environment, ensuring gender balance and equality in a team of satisfied employees. The company has paid special attention to enable a sustainable work-life balance, to promote the compatibility of work and family-life and to encourage the creative potential of the employees. The company also aims to create a safe and appreciative environment that counteracts any form of potential discrimination or harassment. Additional aims are to overcome latent prejudices and to support the individual and diverse potential of every single employee.

PDF Versions:
Gender Equality Plan alchemia-nova GmbH
Gender Equality Plan alchemia-nova research & innovation gemeinnützige GmbH