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Exploring Bio-Based Solutions: DEEP PURPLE Workshop & Screening of HOLY SHIT – CAN POOP SAVE THE WORLD?


alchemia-nova and DEEP PURPLE, a EU-Horizon2020 project, invite you to an exclusive screening of the thought-provoking documentary film, HOLY SHIT: CAN POOP SAVE THE WORLD? Directed by Rubén Abruña, this enlightening event promises to explore the possibilities of waste utilization and showcase extraordinary products developed within the DEEP PURPLE project.

📅 Date: 29th of February, 2024 🕕 Time: 5:00 PM 📍 Location: Climate Lab

Ever pondered the fate of the food we digest once it leaves our bodies? Is it mere waste, or could it be a resource awaiting reuse? Director Rubén Abruña embarks on a captivating global journey across 16 cities on 4 continents to delve into the intriguing world of excreta. From the depths of the Parisian sewers to the grandeur of a wastewater treatment plant in Chicago, Abruña unravels the mysteries surrounding our waste. HOLY SHIT explores the potential use of excreta as fertilizer and the challenges posed by heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Could our waste hold the key to solving fertilizer scarcity and promoting sustainability? Discover the answers as Abruña encounters the Poop Pirates in Uganda, explores dry toilets in Sweden, and witnesses localized treatment plants in Hamburg and Geneva. HOLY SHIT is a cinematic exploration that tackles issues of food security, environmental protection, hygiene, and climate change.

As part of the DEEP PURPLE project, we aim to recover valuable resources from mixed urban waste streams, including wastewater, sewage sludge, and organic municipal solid waste (OFMSW). Our concept revolves around a versatile, integrated, and flexible Multi-Platform Biorefinery, based on the metabolism of Purple Phototrophic Bacteria (PPB). Through this innovative approach, we extract high added-value compounds such as cellulose and polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) for bio-plastics, ectoine for skincare products, and bio-fertilizer in our demo sites in Spain and the Czech Republic.

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Sarah Tariq Gilani (Project and Communications Manager, alchemia-nova)