Circular economy

Sustainable Building

The term Sustainable or Green Building primarily describes a high resource efficiency of buildings in regard of energy, water and materials throughout a building’s life-cycle (planning, construction/renovation, operation, maintenance, demolition). Sustainable Building is mostly associated with utilization of corresponding construction materials. These may consider aspects of gases liberation and indoor air quality, even removal of airborne pollutants. They are free of toxic additives and derive from sustainable and ideally renewable, regional sources and are therefore degradable or recyclable. Sustainable Building, however, can go beyond the classic resources efficiency and even focus on the generation of positive effects associated with the building’s users (e.g. social and health related sustainability aspects). This way impact on health and environment but also productivity may find consideration.

With these principles in mind Sustainable Building is notably linked to the Cradle to Cradle philosophy. Alchemia-nova conducts research on concepts and technologies regarding the exclusive utilization of building components that are either renewable, degradable or entirely recyclable. This rationale of renewability and eco-efficiency equally applies for the energy supply. An example of feasibility has been proven in the course of the Gugler lighthouse project.