Circular economy

Economy for the common good


Economy for the common good is an alternative economic system built on common good-enhancing values. This economy is a tool for economic, political and social level – a bridge to a better future.

In economic terms, it is a livable, workable concrete option for companies of different sizes and legal forms. The purpose of economic activity and the assessment of the companies’ success can be defined in terms of public welfare – oriented values.

On the political level, the movement for an economy of the common good will bring change to current legislation. Ambition of the commitment is to ensure a good life for all living beings and for the planet as a whole, supported by a sustainable economic system. Human dignity, global fairness and solidarity, ecological sustainability, social justice, and democratic participation are at the top of the agenda.

On the societal level, the movement for an economy of the common good is an initiative to raise awareness for systematic change, to motivate as many people as possible to cooperative, conscientious action. It is a source of hope and courage and seeks network and mutual stimulation with other alternative initiatives.

It is an open, participative process with a grassroots structure and a global scope.