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The Viennese startup’s wetland wall that will soon have us drinking toilet water

Currently on display in the Hundertwasser Kunsthaus gallery is some clever nature-based technology that would delight Hundertwasser himself – a plant-based wetland wall that transforms wastewater into reusable water.

PDF — October 17, 2018

The green future is being invented in a cellar of Vienna’s 14th district

When Johannes Kisser, the founder and CEO of alchemia-nova, said 8 years ago that waste is a valuable resource, few believed him and most laughed the statement off. Since then, with alchemia-nova developing some of the most innovative nature-based and circular economy solutions that prove his statement, nobody doubts him and nobody is laughing.

PDF — October 1, 2018

Upcycling-project with refugees

The Vienna-based Circular economy institute, alchemia-nova, this month launched a social project in collaboration with Caritas Wien, bringing together a diverse group of refugees in a workshop that will give birth to a upcycled office space. The inspiring project is a platform for integration and sustainability, helping to create job opportunities and skills, and recycle materials that would otherwise be discarded as waste.

PDF — May 15, 2019

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