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Raising disruptive bioeconomy ventures, startups and spinoffs to the top.

Bioeconomy Ventures Investment Opportunities! Ideas are a dime-a-dozen, but only sometimes is an idea so good that others may want to invest their money into it. On the 14th of March 2023, six outstanding start-ups were given the chance to present their ideas to ready and willing investors in Vienna, at the Bioeconomy Ventures Platform Investment Brokerage Event.

PDF — April 4, 2023

Future of Food - Open Calls for Challenges and Innovators are now Open!

One of the pillars of the BBI-project "BioeconomyVentures" is to attract and engage with European innovators from the bio-based sector. BioeconomyVentures will launch 2 Open Calls addressing corporates with needs that could be addressed or solved by bioeconomy innovative solutions and innovators developing solutions in the vast bioeconomy domain.

PDF — March 21, 2022

COST ACTION Circular Cities #mycircularcity photo contest

With the #mycircularcity photo contest the COST Action Circular City is expanding the network of stakeholders to you and me. It encourages us to look around your city and see all the little or big puzzle pieces of the circular cities of tomorrow already now for an increased feeling of connectedness amongst European cities and citizens and empowerment for the movement of Circular Cities.

PDF — May 31, 2021

LooPi is a winner of the Green Concept Award 2021

LooPi® was awarded the Green Concept Award 2021 in the Category Architecture & Tiny Houses. The international Green Product Award has been honoring products and services since 2013, which stand out in terms of design, innovation and sustainability.

PDF — April 20, 2021

HYDROUSA - Recovering non-conventional water sources to combat water scarcity

alchemia-nova is leading installations in the Greek islands of Lesbos, Tinos and Mykonos. Six full scale demonstration sites (HYDRO1-6) with sustainable innovative and nature-based solutions for water/wastewater treatment and management are developed within HYDROUSA.

PDF — March 18, 2021

Austrian BioCycles short version

Study about secondary resources, their availability, the chemical pathways and a possible logistics concept for connected biorefineries

PDF — December 10, 2020


alchemia-nova is proud to announce its participation in the upcoming WATERAGRI project, currently in grant negotiation stage. As key technology providers, alchemia-nova will be responsible for a number of deliverables, including the development of a productive bio-filtration unit to capture nutrients from agricultural runoff. The system will include a plant-based drainage filter and provide for the reuse of recovered nutrient. alchemia-nova will furthermore conduct design workshops to establish a bio-inspired aeration system for constructed wetlands and be involved in multiple demonstration activities.

PDF — January 13, 2020

Upcycling-project with refugees

The Vienna-based Circular economy institute, alchemia-nova, this month launched a social project in collaboration with Caritas Wien, bringing together a diverse group of refugees in a workshop that will give birth to a upcycled office space. The inspiring project is a platform for integration and sustainability, helping to create job opportunities and skills, and recycle materials that would otherwise be discarded as waste.

PDF — May 15, 2019

The Viennese startup’s wetland wall that will soon have us drinking toilet water

Currently on display in the Hundertwasser Kunsthaus gallery is some clever nature-based technology that would delight Hundertwasser himself – a plant-based wetland wall that transforms wastewater into reusable water.

PDF — October 17, 2018

The green future is being invented in a cellar of Vienna’s 14th district

When Johannes Kisser, the founder and CEO of alchemia-nova, said 8 years ago that waste is a valuable resource, few believed him and most laughed the statement off. Since then, with alchemia-nova developing some of the most innovative nature-based and circular economy solutions that prove his statement, nobody doubts him and nobody is laughing.

PDF — October 1, 2018

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