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30 years GM crops

Within the blog from Werner Lampert some interesting articles can be found, a recent one from Isabell Riedl describes the GMO developing process in plants and seeds, since it is now 30 years that Monsanto plays in this field. One reuslt of this summary is that pesticide usage and labour time necessary increased.

EFSA assesses the risk of entry of bee pests into EU and finds out that these could pose an additional risk besides agriculture, pesticide use,  poor bee nutrition, GM plants and environmental change.

Yuu´n Mee is a seafood caterer and sells all kind of fingerfood , especially in combination with shrimps. Shrimp farms at the same time are located in areas where mangrove forests used to exist. That´s why they are really doing reforestation of mangrove forests.

The Austrian Gartenbox promotes mixed cultivation from a wide variety of plants. This box is also a possibility of flat-owners to just easily grow their own vegetables, herbs or flowers.

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