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Will you come with us to the Rehthinking Plastics Idea Generation Jam?
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OpenIDEO Vienna Chapter - Rethinking Plastics *Ideation

July 22, 2017, 10:00am

WU Gründungszentrum

*Please see the RSVP information at the end - limited spots / sign-up* Hello Vienna, We are pleased to announce our next OpenIDEO Vienna Chapter session this year. For the upcoming ideation jam around plastics, we teamed up with Zero Waste Austria as topic experts. Also, we are happy to welcome Johannes Kisser from Alchemia Nova (Institute for innovative phytochemistry and closed loop processes) at the event who will give us insights into the topic of circular economy. This time our session is about generating ideas for the current Circular Economy Challenge: "How might we get products to people without generating plastic waste?” The session itself is 3 hours, the last hour is optional for networking with flexible end (2pm latest). You should join us if - you want to learn about Circular Economy and avoiding plastics and/or - you want to contribute with your ideas to re-imagine...

OpenIDEO Vienna Chapter - Rethinking Plastics *Ideation

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See the 3D-printed chair made with PLA ... See MoreSee Less

Designed by: Manuel Jimenez Garcia and Gilles Retsin Fabrication Support: Nagami.Design and Vicente Soler Team: Manuel Jimenez Garcia, Miguel Angel Jimenez…

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Finlands road map to circular economy…
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A robot and drone built biomimetic pavillon ... See MoreSee Less

ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion 2016-17 - Stuttgart 2017 Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) - Prof. Achim Menges Institute of Building Structures…

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First short video from the Austrian green party ... See MoreSee Less

Erste Grüne Belangsendung im ORF vom 7.10.1987. Video Hanswerner Mackwitz und Friedel Hans.

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Marine Ecosystems

The oil rush in the Mediterranean Sea threatens wales and dolphins. They see seismically and through exploring the deepwaters the acoustic pressure rises up to 10.000 fold.  Ocean care promotes more silent methods like Marine Vibroseis instead of Airguns.

Small-scale driftnet fisheries are one source for vast by-catch. The European Commission offers a public consultation until 28th of June 2013 to decide if the legal framework from 1998 needs adaptation.

Plastic debris in the sea pose a higher toxic threat than it does anyway by clocking animals stomach. New research has shown, that also organic contaminants like PCBs or PAHs (carcinogenic and so on) are sorbed to the plastics surface. When animals ingest these particles the will also be intoxified, which in the next step also reaches the further food chain..

Food debates

Did you know that the consumption of meat is related to global problems like starvation, deforestation and climate change within a new publication, the Fleischatlas, as found out by the Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

Watch the award winning TED spot from Jamie Oliver:

open innovation

Open Innovation is a hot topic these days, OE1 has a focus in its programm, nuvolab runs an open innovation challenge for large appliances. Even Unilever posts its challenges and wants. When you read the report of the last European Forum on Eco-Innovation, you will find a couple of interesting recommendations regarding open innovation within Horizon 2020. The World Business Council of Sustainable Development shares a platform for Eco-Patent Commons, which is attractive for a patent to enter the open domain.

The Demokratische Bank, DEMBA is currently in its final stage before foundation. The actual newsletter can be subscribed here.

Heini Staudinger, talking about him in earlier posts, wants to rewrite the law about higher liberality and non-monopoly of loans.

Besides the 22 things happy people do differently, March 20th was the UN international day of Happiness for the first time, where many blogs wrote about this topic. One of them is Inspire 925, that brings happiness in correlation with business. The new movie What Happiness Is shown in these Austrian cinemas  shows Bhutan wiht its aim to manifest “gross national happiness” instead of pure economic indices, that would not reflect the well-being of a country.

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30 years GM crops

Within the blog from Werner Lampert some interesting articles can be found, a recent one from Isabell Riedl describes the GMO developing process in plants and seeds, since it is now 30 years that Monsanto plays in this field. One reuslt of this summary is that pesticide usage and labour time necessary increased.

EFSA assesses the risk of entry of bee pests into EU and finds out that these could pose an additional risk besides agriculture, pesticide use,  poor bee nutrition, GM plants and environmental change.

Yuu´n Mee is a seafood caterer and sells all kind of fingerfood , especially in combination with shrimps. Shrimp farms at the same time are located in areas where mangrove forests used to exist. That´s why they are really doing reforestation of mangrove forests.

The Austrian Gartenbox promotes mixed cultivation from a wide variety of plants. This box is also a possibility of flat-owners to just easily grow their own vegetables, herbs or flowers.

If you are interested, there are more than 300 online courses for free at

Energy news leaping forward

European research for alternative energies is booming.Treasores is an EU-project that deals with cheaper production of large area organic electronics, such as solar cells. AMON-RA will develop one-dimensional nanowires for photovoltaic.
The electree from Vivien Muller is a modern sculpture imitating a bonsai and the leaves are small photovoltaic panels. Suitable to charge mobile devices.  Ecological design may also be of interest with garbage upcycling design.
Redox-flow-batteries may safe future energy at interesting scales and prices.
LED lamps are getting cheaper and more popular, through one can buy all kinds of different lights.

The 5th Cool IT-Ranking from Greenpeace is online, Google, Cisco and Ericsson are in best position, although there is still a long way to reach real green solutions. On marktcheck one can find the Austrian version.

All these devices use rare earth elements (REE), which arei ncreasingly problematic with recycling quota under 1% and Chinese monopolies. Within this framework urban mining seems to reach new height, especially if planned obsolescence is still state of the art in consumer goods. The Konsumet asks the public for their opinion with a current poll.

Toxics in – Toxics out

Finally the EFSA publishes studies of the dangers of neonicotenoids, a bee harming insecticide. This is one succesful step towards answering the serious threats bees face these days, as reported in October last year. Toxics generally also enter the human food chain and can even be found in breast milk. Endocrine disrupting chemicals are found in a vast variety of daily products. They have recently caught attention once more, as a UN report, the most comprehensive report so far associates these chemicals with all kinds of health problems like cancer and many more. The EU projects COPHES and DEMOCOPHES aimed to monitor environmental toxics in humans.

The Commission is holding a public consultation on unconventional fossil fuels, which can be answered until 20th of March.

The labeling of organic food is confusing as ever. The regulations from the European Union are lush and big brands need to have industrial scale output. There are recent debates going on, like from Bliss Permaculture or even the book “der grosse Bio Schmäh“.

Some every day products contain a variety of toxics, as learned in the story of stuff, where eg. a concrete example is aluminium in deodorants. Alternatives exist and some are decribed in a Lebensart article.

The culture of plants

New farming techniques evolve while adapting to modern requirements, which impressively shows the concept of Urban Vertical Farming, which can also be more low-tech hydroponic with SymbiCity or very impressive from the pioneer Patric Blanc .Others are for example the clever strategy of the Seawater Greenhouse. The humid part in the air is also used in the eolewater system, where 1500 litres of water can be collected a day in desert areas, while at the same time energy is generated.

Indoor plants generally promote vitality, concentration and well-being, which reveals  a German study from the consumer research association.


Der Ölpreis ist seit 1998 um das 9fache gestiegen von 12$/Barrel auf 110$/Barrel (Quelle: Tecson, VCÖ 2012). Das ist natürlich Auslöser für alternative Energieforschung und natürlich auch Effizienzstrategien.

Die Ressourceneffizienz wird in dem nationalen Ressourceneffizienzaktionsplan, kurz REAP festgehalten. Auf europäischer Ebene folgt “resource-efficient Europe” einer von sieben “Flagship initiatives of the European 2020 Strategy”, die auch erneut in einem Manifest festgehalten werden. Die Energieeffizienz schlägt national mit einem neuen Energieeffizizienzgesetz zu Buche. Dabei sollen ingesamt jährlich 8,1 Petajoule eingespart werden. Global 2000 kritisiert die vielen Ausnahmeregelungen, wobei große energieintensive Betriebe weniger einsparen müssen als Klein- und Mittelunternehmen. Dazu passend ist die erste Auflage der Broschüre “energy  innovation austria“des bmvit erschienen, die viermal im Jahr publiziert werden soll. Wer daraufhin so ambitioniert wird, selber in die Energieforschung zu gehen, hat unter anderem noch die Möglichkeit bei der Energy Mission Austria mit zu machen.

Wer auf der anderen Seite Ressourcen und Energie sparen will, kann auch auf eine minimalistischere Lebensweise umsteigen, wie z.B. sehr gut in dem Blog Mr. Mininmalist dargestellt.

The biomass connection

Within a  project called TRANSBIO valorisation strategies from by-products from fruit and vegetable transforming industry are researched. In another FP7 project – MultiHemp – multipupose strategies for hemp are processed in a biorefinery approach. Within the project scope of ORION small scale digesting units for organic waste will be developed.

Talking about biomass, the call for papers is still ongoing, for the next biomass conference in Graz or you directly join us on a more southern variation in Zagreb.

Whoever is interested in pruning fruit trees, the Arche Noah team offers many courses.