Circular Economy
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Circular Economy is not a new concept. It refers back to the omnipresent material cycles in our environment. Circular Economy is aiming at utilising resources with an inherent everlasting use. The current economy system however has diverged from these most natural processes. It is a most prominent challenge of today’s societies to take action against these economic dysfunctions.... Read more

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Phytotechnology describes the application of plant-related science and engineering to study problems and provide solutions for technical and socio-ecological challenges. As a subfield of ecotechnology it emphasizes the use of distinct plant-inherent processes within technical applications. These nature-based technologies have become alternatives to conventional technologies due to low capital costs, high success rates, low maintenance requirements, high in... Read more

Biobased Industry
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The biobased industry should be able to replace petrol-based industry in the upcoming years. Therefore, a set of different steps are necessary, which start with apropriate legislation, go through logistics and also need technological progress. One important puzzle stone in this context is the development of biorefineries, which need to cope with multiple biomass feedstocks.... Read more

Sustainable Building
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The term Sustainable or Green Building primarily describes a high resource efficiency of buildings in regard of energy, water and materials throughout a building’s life-cycle (planning, construction/renovation, operation, maintenance, demolition). Sustainable Building is mostly associated with utilization of corresponding construction materials. These may consider aspects of gases liberation and indoor air quality, even removal of airborne pollutants.... Read more

Green production
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It is our generation's crucial task to design products and production processes of a most sustainable manner. This includes the reintegration of elements from alleged waste. A raised resource efficiency, in that sense, must go hand in hand with advancing research and application of materials and prodution processes that are completly safe for human health and environment. ... Read more

Cosmetics & Nutrition
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In the field of innovative phytochemistry, the development of cosmetics is an important part. Many ingredients in plants or residue streams from the plant processing industry can be used for effective cosmetics. The range here seems endless, dyes and important tricks to stabilize them, many natural fragrances, preservatives, ingredients against skin aging or skin tightening, to cracking and suppleness, cosmetics with cleansing properties, energized... Read more

Teaching & Consulting
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Ever since foundation alchemia-nova has made every effort to disseminate state of the art, promote discourse for innovation and share noble principles. Currently we hold several courses at Universities and Technical Colleges and for that purpose, as for example “Green Products”, “Applied biological consumer goods production” and “Value chain management in food production” at FH Wiener Neustadt Campus Wieselburg (or Austrian Marketing... Read more